AMD Radeon screen flicker on movement 2015/2016

Since the second to latest kernel update of debian stable my screen flickered in normal xfce4 when there was movement on the screen. I thought it was a bug because i had nothing changed but the recent kernel update did not fix that. It took me some time but if you experience the same you may want to take a look at the dynamic power profiles which according to this

can lead to flickering when the card changes its frequency. I could not change the value with root so I changed the setting (=disabled) via this boot (grub2) parameter:


This worked for me.

Easily copy text from your pc to your smartphone (linux)


  1. Get qrencode. It’s in a lot of repositories.
  2. In a terminal ( is just a text example)
     echo "" | qrencode -o out.png
  3. Open out.png with an image viewer and scan it with your barcode scanner on your smartphone
  4. Done.

Fully sufficient for small texts. For storage limits take a look at: