I’ve written a tool for unrar extraction in python. Basically you can feed it with *.rar and it will do the rest for you. Additionally it can perform cleanup after a successful extraction including a working partYX.rar detection and it’s got passwordfile support. For usage use -h

For install make it executable and put it into /usr/bin or wherever you like.

Depends on:

  • Unrar (non-free-version) 3.80
  • Python

Download it here:


or (maybe outdated)


Nautilus – Empty Dir Script

“What does this do?” It sucks in air!

  • Tries to move all files out of the marked folder
  • Tries to remove the (now empty) dir
  • [If something cannot be done (no sufficent rights, file already exists, directory could not be emptied) it won’t (should not) do it]

Its released under the GPLv2. Use it at your own risk. There should be no dataloss (except the marked directory itself) because all used commands take care of remaining (already existing) files.


IFS=$(echo -en "nb")


for FILE in ${FILES} ; do
    if [ -d ${FILE} ]; then
             cd "${FILE}"
             mv -n * ..
             cd ..
             rmdir "${FILE}"


Have fun!

FAQ nautilus scripts (http://g-scripts.sourceforge.net/faq.php)