USB-Devices: difference system:/media and /media

I had problems with automounting. When I plugged in my MP3-Player it was not shown in system:/media. It could only be seen in /media. I recompiled everything (dbus, hal and ivman) but it still didn’t work. So i decided to test it under xfce. There I received a message about missing privileges. I searched the net and found the solution…

rm /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/gparted-disable-automount.fdi

This also solved the problem in KDE.

getting familiar with…

I open this BLOG for several reasons. I want to improve my english skills and stay up-to-date. Furthermore I like to blog and I especially like blogs where I can get information about several problems from a person who actually solved them (or is going to) on his/her own.

I will blog about (in order of amount descending) gentoo, space ^^, xubuntu (xfce-based) and kubuntu (kde-based)