Wake on lan remote control

I’ve written a small script to remote control a computer via wake on lan (WOL) packages. This could come in quite handy if my raspberry pi finally arrives but any HTPC owner could make use of this too. (You don’t want to run xbmc along with your torrent client (and vice versa) all day long, do you?)

It’s available here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/wolrc/

How it works:

It basically executes predefined commands on the amount of WOL packages received without a timeout. Just arm your android smartphone with a WOL app, send e.g. two WOL pkgs and your box will execute whatever you told it to do. It needs root (because it depends on pcapy ) so you’re strongly advised to use sudo wherever you can.

Note (Update):

AFAIK the raspberry pi is not capable of booting up due to a WOL package. Of course it can receive and handle them nonetheless.